Calling all clothing designers, retailers, brands, suppliers, manufacturers, buyers in the public sector, municipalities, universities, charities, clothing recyclers and textile collectors …

together, let’s create a circular approach to fashion across Europe!


Welcome to ECAP participants:

  • Bobo Choses, Bonobo Jeans, HAVEP, OVS, Peak Performance, Primark, Schijvens, Star Sock, Tricorp Workwear, zLabels

Individuals or organisations can get involved in ECAP on two levels.

Participant: you will work with our project partners to directly participate and benefit from being involved in one or more of ECAP’s eight action areas to help meet the project’s ambitious targets.  For instance:

  • Being involved in pilots and trials (i.e. fibre to fibre, textile collection in cities) where you report on findings.
  • Creating sustainable fibre strategies and action plans, and measure and report on progress.
  • Using Love Your Clothes (Europe) campaign materials to drive change and report on your findings.