ECAP partners

ECAP has 8 action areas each managed by partners from various organisations. The details of the action areas go here.

ECAP Participants

Participants of ECAP work directly with the project partners in one or more of ECAP’s eight action areas, to help meet the project’s targets. This could include:

• Being involved in pilots and trials (i.e. fibre to fibre) where you report on findings.
• Creating sustainable fibre strategies and action plans, and measure and report on progress.
• Using Love Your Clothes (Europe) campaign materials and messages to drive change and report on your findings.

As well as working towards achieving environmental savings, participants get access to advice, training and tools, and the support of a European network of like-minded organisations.

ECAP supporters

Supporters are individuals or organisations that publicly support the ECAP project to help it achieve its aim of building a circular approach to fashion across Europe. They do this by raising the project’s profile or enabling and supporting project activity. In turn, ECAP helps promote the mission and values of these organisations, through collaboration on relevant projects.