Benefits of being involved in ECAP

If you are a designer, retailer, brand, supplier, the public sector, re-use, recycling and charity organisation, we encourage you to join ECAP.

Being a part of this exciting project will enable participants to:

  • Reduce the overall footprint of individual garments and gain potential associated cost savings.
  • Support environmental and corporate responsibility targets.
  • Receive advice, training and tools from specialist industry organisations.
  • Become a recognised leader in the development and network of a European wide framework in sustainable clothing.
  • Gain knowledge and share learning and experience with organisations in the ECAP network.
  • Develop case studies to communicate and build relations with customers, consumers, government and other partners.
  • Build a robust circular economy throughout Europe that will support job creation and the environment.

  Interested in finding out more about one of the specific actions?