A new online design platform – Design for longevity

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Designers and product developers have the power to change things for the better. The decisions made at the design stage have a huge impact on both style and environmental impact. Find out more:

Design for Longevity is a platform providing knowledge, tools and inspiration to empower designers, technologists, and product developers to design more sustainable, longer lasting clothes. You can sign up to the platform here: designforlongevity.com.

About the platform

This action has resulted in the creation of an online platform that will raise awareness, inspire and empower designers and product developers to influence the extended life of clothing through changes to design practices that also support a circular economy.

Created in collaboration with designers and product developers, the platform showcases the importance of their role in the fashion sector. It highlights what concrete actions they can take to actively change the design process towards integrating best practices and inspiring new innovations.

It will help the sector to make informed decisions during the design phase in order to influence industry and consumer practices towards extending the lifespan of garments.